‘Sharing Your Awesome’ Graduation Day

Today twelve people who participated in a special workshop held a graduation to celebrate their new knowledge.

The program – Let’s Connect – Sharing Your Awesome with an Ipad was sponsored by SaskTel and offered adults with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to learn to use an Ipad. They learned about general use and care of electronic devices, internet safety and how to navigate a touch screen device. In addition, each person had specific applications installed that were of interest to them, or to help them communicate and learn.

After completing the series of weekly classes the participants had a celebration and were issued certificates of completion by the facilitators. At the end they received some awesome news – that they get to keep the Ipads!!

The program was facilitated by Inclusion Regina and was offered in various communities around the province.

Andria Brady, Executive Director of Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop Corp. stated “We were so happy to learn about this fantastic opportunity for our participants. None of the people who took part had their own Ipad previously, and many had not had the chance to even really use one. It was heart warming to see their enthusiasm and excitement; and to see their faces when they found out the Ipad was theirs to keep… wow. We can’t thank Sasktel enough for their sponsorship of this program and the whole new world they have opened up for these individuals.”